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Bibliografia: Materiale ufficiale

L'intera Bibliografia della collana Hunter the reckoning
Tutti i titoli sono fuori produzione. Alcuni ancora reperibili presso determinati negozi o tramite internet. I formati elettronici possono essere ottenuti tramite il sito DrivethruRPG all'indirizzo
Core Books
Hunter: the Reckoning RPG Book - Hardcover ukL 17.99 Prima (& unica) edizione
Hunter Players Guide - Hardcover ukL 15.99
Hunter Storytellers Handbook - Hardcover ukL 14.99
Hunter Storytellers Companion & Screen - ukL 9.99

Creed Books
Hunter Book: Avenger - ukL 8.99
Hunter Book: Defender - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Hermit - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Innocent - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Judge - ukL 8.99
Hunter Book: Martyr - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Redeemer - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Visionary - ukL 9.99
Hunter Book: Wayward - ukL 9.99
Source Books
Hunter: Apocrypha - ukL 8.99 Articoli essenziali per la sopravvivenza nel World of Darkness, scritto dagli Hunters per gli Hunters
Hunter: Fall from Grace - Nuovo titolo del 4th Ottobre 2002 ukL 12.99 Cacciatori Oscuri, corrotti dai poteri perniciosi
Hunter: First Contact - ukL 12.99
Hunter: Holy War - ukL 10.99 Egitto & Medio Oriente
Hunter: Survival Guide - ukL 12.99 Guida ai Mostri - Hunter da tutto il mondo - includendo ciò che non è mai stato dimostrato di esistere
Hunter: Urban Legends - Nuovo titolo del 5 Settembre 2003 ukL 11.99 Enemy book exploring the further out - waaaay out - horrors that may have been encountered many times, but survived only once or twice, giving rise to awed legends that may grossly overestimate their strengths - or greatly underestimate them, as those who escaped them did not stop to stand and stare... - or maybe both, simultaneously?
Hunter: Utopia - Nuovo titolo 2003/4 ukL 11.99 The ways in which Hunters seek to free their neighbourhoods, cities, countries & even the whole world of the monstrous supernatural, including the societies they may set up and join.
Enemy Books
Hunter: The Infernal - Nuovo titolo del 16 Maggio 2003 ukL 10.99 Enemy book exploring the blasphemous realm of demons, their strengths and weaknesses, as these smart devils explore theirs; and the demons seem eager to strike a bargain: can the infernal host be driven back into the Pit? If not, there truly will be Hell to pay
Hunter: The MoonStruck - Nuovo titolo 2003/4 ukL 10.99 Shapechangers, especially Werewolves, now as Hunters' Prey
Hunter: The Nocturnal - ukL 10.99
Hunter: The Spellbound - Nuovo titolo del 24 Gennaio 2003 ukL 10.99 An Enemy Book, covering the realm of the magical as hunters perceive it, and those who inhabit it; and also how these witches & wizards fight back against the imbued
Hunter: The Walking Dead ukL 10.99
Altri libri dal "Year of the Reckoning"
Cainite Heresy - 1999, Black Dog Game Factory , inappropriato ai giocatori sotto i 18 anni Supplemento alla collana Dark Ages
Ends of Empire - 1999, Ultimo libro della collana dedicata a Wraith the Oblivion
Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner - 1999, Supplemento alla collana Changeling the Dreaming
Guide to the Technocracy - 1999, Supplemento alla collana Mage the Ascension
Rage Across the Heavens - 1999, Supplemento alla collana Werewolf the Apocalypse
Time of Thin Blood - 1999, Supplemento alla collana Vampire the Masquerade
World of Darkness: Time of Judgement - Nuovo titolo del 3 Marzo 2004 Hardcover ukL 17.99 The World of Darkness: The Final Chapter; As the world ends, what will become of its supernatural inhabitants? Can Demons find Salvation in the ashes of the realm they created? Can Hunters finally Purge the world of the last of the monsters they so hate? Can Changelings summon up the passion that will enable them to return to their summer lands? Can Mummies restore the Cosmic Balance even at the eleventh hour? Can the Kuei-jin avert - or bring themselves to accept - the Coming of the Sixth Age? This sourcebook is designed to let you, and your players, choose - a new beginning for their characters, or a cataclysmic end for the game world. The mother of all finales, but are we all doomed?
Hunter Novel
Predator & Prey Novel Serie
Predator & Prey #1: Vampire by Carl Bowen ukL 3.99
Predator & Prey #2: Judge by Gherbod Fleming ukL 3.99
Predator & Prey #3: Werewolf by Gherbod Fleming ukL 3.99
Predator & Prey #4: Jury by Gherbod Fleming ukL 3.99
Predator & Prey #5: Mage by Carl Bowen ukL 3.99
Predator & Prey #6: Executioner by Gherbod Fleming ukL 3.99
The Time of Judgement Novel Trilogy
#1: Gehenna: The Final Night by Ari Mermell - Nuovo titolo del 14 Gennaio 2004 ukL 4.99
#2: The Last Battle by Bill Bridges - Nuovo titolo del Febbraio 2004 ukL 4.99
#3: Judgement Day by Bruce Baugh - Nuovo titolo del 3 Marzo 2004 ukL 4.99
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